CDSS Grants

Medical Helper Grant

The Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) Medical Helper Grant assists in providing needed services for family members with Down syndrome. Children and adults with Down syndrome have an increased risk of medical problems, need for intense weekly therapies, and supplemental nutrition. Unfortunately, insurance plans often do not cover many of the necessary treatments. The Medical Helper was developed as a financial aid tool for families that need it most. The program helps families pay for medical services that are used to treat individuals diagnosed with Down syndrome. 


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Educational and Recreational Grant


The Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) Educational and Recreational Grant assists members in providing additional supplemental services for family members with Down syndrome. The goal is to provide grants to offset the cost of educational expenses, conferences, seminars, recreational activities and camps for children and adults with Down syndrome. These activities might include but are not limited to organized sports, summer camps, exercise classes, gymnastics and dance classes. The program does not fund prescribed therapies such as physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech and language therapies (ST). However, adaptive recreational equipment not covered by insurance will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis. No assistance is provided for technology hardware such as iPads or other devices, but the CDSS will consider approval of a grant to pay for communication apps for these devices. A signed letter from an Adaptive Technology Provider must accompany your request and state that you are a current patient. In matters where assistance is requested for family membership programs, such as an aquatic facility membership, no more than 25% of the total amount of membership cost will be considered. This grant is not available for the payment of insurance premiums. 


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Outstanding Educator Award

Peace, Love, and Inclusion: Nominate your favorite local teacher that successfully creates an inclusive and accepting environment and fosters academic growth and social engagement for children with Down syndrome. You can nominate a classroom teacher, assistant, therapist, or related service provider for a $321 grant to be used as they wish. Three awards will be given out each year. 

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The Harrison Stokes Smith Memorial Scholarship

The Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society is honored to offer the Harrison Stokes Smith Memorial Scholarshipto a sibling of a child, adolescent or young adult with Down Syndrome reminiscent of Harrison Smith in his/her relationship with their sibling. The $1000 scholarship is intended for use with post-secondary school tuition expenses. Candidates should embody the character and enthusiasm of Harrison Smith and love and support their sibling in a manner that enhances their life experience. The board of directors will review all applications and along with a member of the Smith family, determine a winner. Application deadline is May 31, 2020

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Adoption Grant

The Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) Adoption Grant provides funds to assist in costs associated with adopting a child with Down syndrome through domestic or international adoption.

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